Enhancing well-being & creativity

A space must be more than just 4 walls and at Linaker we believe in creating the environment essential to enhancing personal and professional engagement. This is achieved through six core elements; electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, heating, supplementary and sustainability.

Each element is offered with the same combination of technical expertise and commitment to duty, courtesy of our highly trained engineers. Each site has an individual solution and is therefore assigned a Contract Manager to ensure that the highest level of attention to detail is maintained to create your environment.

Our core services represent the critical building blocks in creating your perfect environment. But while the foundations of each site are the same, the implementation of client-specific requirements and our

industry-renowned bespoke approach ensures no two workspaces are ever the same – we recognise that your space and your business is your space and your business, and our service detail and consultation reflects that.

Linaker has a trusted and diverse network of supply partners who share Linaker’s culture and values to create flexible and dynamic environments for our clients. Our dedicated, long-term partners allow Linaker to carefully select the appropriate and relevant services required to transform and master the working conditions that a building and business demands.

It is always a pleasure to work with Linaker and to experience first-hand the attention to detail and exacting standards that they deliver to their customers